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Fresh Flour Tortillas! – Homemade Flatbread Recipe – Make Your Own Wraps!


The article below was taken straight from to go with the video.
I was debating whether to call these supple, delectable discs, “tortillas,” or “flatbreads,” but since they were inspired by my testing of the Imusa tortilla press, seen herein, I decided to go with tortilla. This intro is dedicated to hungry SEO gurus everywhere.
Regardless of what you call them, if your only experience is with the dry, mundane supermarket varieties, you are in for a serious treat. Homemade tortillas are so much better that if you do decide to give these a try, be warned that you’ll have a very hard time ever going back to the packaged option again.
Not only is the recipe very easy to make, there’s no waiting hours for anything to rise, so in less than 30 minutes, you’ll be enjoying the finest in hand-held meat delivery systems. Ironically, I failed to have any juicy grilled meat ready for the money shot, so I was forced to enjoy them au natural.

As I mention in the video, the hardest part of the entire procedure is rolling the dough balls into nice thin discs, but if you have a tortilla press this becomes very fast and easy. Since this post was made possible by my friends atImusa, who also provided the press you see here, I’ll included a couple links in case you want to add this apparatus to your kitchen tool collection.

I hope you give these a try soon, and your days of using store-bought tortillas comes to a warm, soft, and delicious end soon. Enjoy!
8 ounces all-purpose flour (about 1 3/4 cup), more as needed
3/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup hot water (about 105 degrees F.)




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Foodwishes Loaf Pan Chicken by Chris Lilly

Free range chickens seek shade in their simple...

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Loafing with Chris Lilly’s Loaf Pan Chicken

We arrived back in San Francisco after a fun, but tiring few days at Kingsford University. I have a great recap planned, but neither the time nor the energy to post it today.

So, if you’ll pardon my “loafing,” I’d like to share this cool loaf pan chicken recipe from Chris Lilly instead.

Please forgive the low-res video and poor sound, as it was shot on my cell phone, but stay tuned for my upcoming HD version, which I’ll adapt for the oven. Enjoy!

3 1/4 pound chicken
3/4 cup apple sauce
3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce to taste
Any dry rub, enough to coat

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Chicken & Mushrooms Recipe – Almost Naked Breasts!

An example of ground black pepper.

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Just Chicken and Mushrooms

This chicken and mushrooms recipe video is an experiment in extreme self-control. I wanted to challenge myself to make a chicken and mushrooms recipe using only chicken and mushrooms. By the way, if it was still Fat Tuesday, I would have totally called this recipe, “Almost Naked Breasts,” but on Ash Wednesday, that just doesn’t seem appropriate.
While chefs are always preaching about keeping things uncomplicated, and letting the natural goodness of the main ingredients shine though, we rarely follow our own advice. There are so many ways to flavor and enhance breasts like these that it’s easy to forget simplicity and instead start, “layering the flavors.”
As I mention in the video, while this may seem like it was intended as a lesson for novice cooks, it’s actually dedicated to the advanced cook who may have forgotten just how wonderful a two-ingredient recipe can be.
Now, before the more anal among you start sending in the, “there are actually five ingredients” comments and emails, I’ll tell you right now, I’m not counting salt and black pepper as ingredients, nor am I including the fats. Hey, I have to sear that skin in something.
Anyway, the real point is to get you to try and see how much flavor you can coax out of these two main players by simply using great technique. Of course, that’s easier said than done, and the vast majority of you will be unable to resist the minced garlic and the cayenne shaker. Either way, enjoy!
2 large chicken breasts, boneless, skin-on
salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste
8 oz thickly sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup water
1 tablespoon butter



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