CARAMCHEESE – Caramel and Cheese Recipe ??

09 Mar
Caramel candy.

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This is a very easy recipe for a spectacular result. Is a way to serve little bites of chees on a luxurious square of caramel and hazelnut.


  • 750 grams of granulated sugar;
  • 200 grams of hazelnut (if you find them, take hazelnut from Piedmont – Italy);
    • Your favourite cheese cutted in bites (I suggest a hard cheese and seasoned), quantity in base of hungry of your friends!


    1. Crush the hazelnuts, but not too much finely.
    2. Put a little bit of sugar in a small saucepan on fire (little fire), do not mix, otherwise the sugar crystallizes.
    3. Wait until the sugar melts and becomes honey-colored;
    4. Add a little bit of sugar and repeat, until all the sugar is melted.
    5. Add hazelnut to the caramel and stir very quickly, keeping the sauepan on the fire;
    6. Pour the caramel on a large baking paper sheet and cover it with a second sheet
    7. With a rolling pin, flatten caramel with hazelnuts, passing over the paper (the thickness should be about 0,5 cm)
    8. Remove the top sheet of paper and let cool completely.
    9. When cool, give square shape to base of caramel and hazelnut, cutting with a hot knife.
    10. Take the caramel and put on a serving dish.
    11. Put the cheese on the caramel base and serve with toothpicks.
    12. After eating the cheese, your friends, break the caramel to taste it … you can let the guest of honor to break the caramel!
    13. This is a very simple recipe, which is dedicated to conviviality, ideal for a cold winter evening.
    14. Serve the CARAMCHEESE, first of the dessert…to create a continuity with the salted food and like opening to dessert with sweetness of caramel…
    Serves: First of dessert

    Recipe posted by Slelly



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