Brazilian Candy Recipe –

09 Mar

The candy is called BRIGADEIRO. It is just divine! And it is easy to do! I think that the most important ingredient will not be easy to found there. But if you look in especialized stores, probably you will find it… The best condensed milk is from Nestle. But other brands are also good.



1 tablespoon of butter without salt

4 tablespoons (flat) of pounder chocolate

1 condensed milk (350ml)


Put all the ingredients together in the pan and put onto low flame. Stir all the time so the candy dont fix onto the pan.

After about 5 minutes the candy will start to pull away from the pan. When it happen completely, then it’s ready.


1) Make balls and roll it in the granulated chocolate (the brigadeiro must be warm and then cool down and your hands must be smeared in butter).

2) Put in a little cup with one mini spoon and cover it with granulated chocolate.

3) While the brigadeiro becomes ready in the pan, mix it with 1/2 package of broken cookies. After it is cold, cut it in cubes and roll in the fine suggar.

Serves: 40

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