Betty’s Chewy Chocolate Drop Cookies

07 Mar

n this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Chewy Chocolate Drop Cookies. These are conveniently made with a cake mix and just a few other ingredients. They look yummy and taste great!


½ cup butter
18.25-oz. chocolate cake mix (I used a Dark Chocolate Fudge cake mix.)
2 eggs, well-beaten
1 tablespoon water
½ cup confectioner’s sugar, placed in a shallow bowl
cooking oil spray

In a large mixing bowl, use a pastry blender (or fork) to blend ½ cup butter and an 18.25-oz. package of chocolate cake mix, until the mixture is crumbly. Add 2 well-beaten eggs and 1 tablespoon water and stir until smooth. Let mixture rest 5 minutes. Use a spoon to get enough of the mixture out to form a 1-inch ball. Drop the mixture into the shallow bowl of confectioner’s sugar. Use your hands to roll the mixture into a ball, coating it with confectioner’s sugar. Place the coated chocolate ball in a baking pan that has been sprayed with cooking oil spray. Continue until all chocolate mixture has been made into coated chocolate drops. Bake at 375 degrees (F) for 10 minutes. Cool 1 minute in pan. Remove to wire rack and cool completely. These cookies will flatten during the baking process, and they will show a dusting of confectioner’s sugar on top of the chocolate cookie. These are tremendously quick and easy to make, and they look beautiful and taste wonderful! I hope you enjoy this recipe! –Betty


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